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How to Use the Teacher Tools Reference Pages


This website is a guide to the Wayang Outpost Teacher Tools. Each page describes a specific teacher tool and its role. The top of each page gives a quick review of a tool and quick steps to using the tool.

Click on the green bar below for more detailed instructions. Click the camera icon for a visual reference (screen shot of a tool.) Click on the yellow xIcon in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up, or on camera icon a second time, to hide the screen shot. The camera icon may appear in both the quick references, and the detailed instructions. your classses

If you see terms in text that is bold & underlined, click the text for more information on the term. Text pop-ups open and close the same way as the camera icon pop-ups.


Detailed instructions are just that - more detailed. In most cases, all you'll need is a quick reminder of how to use a particular function. Sometimes, you'll need more information. This drop-down box is where to find that information. If you have read this message box, tried the menu, and the search, and still don't find what you need please e-mail us with your questions.


Please Note: Wayang Outpost is under development. We do extensive testing and research to provide teachers and students with the best possible machine learning experience. For these reasons, you may find that material in this manual needs updating. You can help keep this manual current by sending e-mail, noting any discrepancies, to the website manager.


Questions about the Wayang Outpost program should be sent to the development team.

Thank you!




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