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The Teacher Tools

There are three main categories of teacher tools for Wayang Outpost: 3 teacher tools screen shot

3 tools

  • Create a New Class
  • Alter (edit) an Existing Class
  • View Reports about [Your] Class


The first two sets of tools allow you to customize lessons, choose specific problems, choose specific pedagogies, and set the mastery level for the class. The last set of tools allows you to select from a list of reports such as learning gain by time spent using the tutor, which problems your student found most challenging, or the pre/post test scores.



To Create a Class:

Once logged in and registered as a teacher in Wayang Outpost, your first task is to create a class.

Log in to Wayang Outpost Teacher Tools > Choose Create a New Class > Fill in Class Name, Town, School, Year, and Section fields > Click the Submit button.

Your class is now created.


To Alter a Class:

To edit lesson plans to suit your needs, alter a class.

Log in to Wayang Outpost Teacher Tools > Choose Alter an Existing Class > Choose the class > click the Pencil Icon in the Edit column > Edit > Click the Save Changes button.

Your class is now editied.

  • Further information is available under Editing Functions in the menu to the left on this page.


To View Reports:

To keep track of your students' prpogress, view reports.

Log in to Wayang Outpost Teacher Tools > Choose View reports about my classes > Choose the class > Choose a report > the report generates and displays


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