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Create a Class


register To create a class with Wayang Outpost Teacher Tools, you must register.

  • Go to the Teacher Tools Login Page, and choose register button
  • A registration dialog appears
  • Fill in all fields
  • Click the submit button button
    • You have created a user account
    • Please make note of your user name and password.
    • An email will be sent to your registered address with your login information.
    • You do not need to wait for this email to use the Teacher Tools; simply log in. Your account is set up immediately.


user created


Creating Your Class:

Once registered and logged in, you can create a class.

  • Choose create a class create
  • Fill in all fields creating class

Class Name





Note: when you create a class, you'll be asked to select pedagogies. To learn more about pedagogies and Wayang Outpost, see the Selecting Pedagogies. If you are unsure of which pedagogy to choose, use the default setting. The setting can be changed later.




  • You must be registered to create a class
  • Your registration takes effect immediately
  • Once registered, you may create multiple classes
  • If you are part of a study, class names and numbers help the research team identify your class
  • If you are using Wayang Outpost on your own, the class names and section numbers are to help you keep track of your classes
  • Once you are registered, use your login name and password to access your class information, edit classes, add classes or delete classes
  • If you lose your login information, please email us for help
  • After 30 minutes of inactivity, the system will log you out
  • Log in again to continue


log in





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