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Previewing Problems

Topic titles are descriptive, and give a general idea of the problems contained in the topic set. All problems in the set are available by default.

Specific problems may be previewed by clicking Problem Selection > Topic > Specific Problem. (Click on the title of a specific problem)

The problem appears in a pop-up

You may choose which problems to include in your lesson plan.


To preview specific problems: problem selection

From the Editable Class information page, scroll to Control Content and choose Problem Section

A list of active topics topics appears


Choose a topic, such as Segments and Distances

A list of problems in the set appears

Choose a problem to preview (in this case, we chose problem_024 TwoMirrorTriangles)

A pop-up appears with the problem animation

When you have viewed the animation, you may leave it in the problem set for the class or choose to omit it by unchecking the tick box to the left of the problem Id number.

Reactive the problem at any time by checking the cleared tick box, under "Activated."

2 mirror triangle


segments and disproblems




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