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Activate Huts

At Wayang Outpost, the "huts" are the teaching and testing areas of the program, named for the huts used as icons in the younger student version.

By default, Wayang Outpost chooses which huts are active for individual students based on performance. If you change the default settings, the adaptive rules will not function and each student will see the same huts. Default is usually the best choice, but you may inactivate huts if you choose.

a hut



Activate or Deactivate Huts


To choose which huts to activate, check the tick box to the left of the hut name.


  • Use Default Activation Rules
  • Pre test
  • Tutor
  • Post test
  • Adventures (word problems - animated)
  • Math Fact Retrieval
  • Mental Rotation


If you use a setting other than default, each student in the class will see the same active huts. Hut activation will no longer adapt to each student. To restore the default rules, select the restore defaults button.


About Testing: I'm unclear on the testing - if the teacher chooses not to give a pre-test - do the students still get a post-test? IOW: How does choosing NOT to test effect the huts?




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