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Generating Student Lists

The student list is how you, and the program, keep track of students. If you are using Wayang Outpost as part of a study, the Wayang Outpost team will give you the prefix, test prefix, and number series. If you are using the program on your own for your class, you may use your own codes.

Test prefixes are only used for studies. If you are using Wayang Outpost on your own, leave this field blank.

Note: Be sure to select pedagogies for your class before you create your list. Only selected pedagogies will be available when you edit lessons for individual students. For more information see Selecting Pedagogies


To Create a Student List


From Editable Class information, click Student List

The "Generate Users for this Class" field appears

Fill in Prefix code

Fill in Password for the class

Fill in a begin number (or use the number provided to you) for the class (1st student on list)

Fill in the end number (or use the number provided to you) for the class (last student on list)

Note: make sure there are enough numbers in your range to include all the students in the class. You will not be able to add to this list later.

Fill in the test prefix provided if your class is part of a study, otherwise, leave this field blank

Click Create Students

A student list appears

User List


Student List


For information on making changes to the class list, see editing class lists.




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