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Editing Your Class List

Important: You can delete students from a class list, and edit information and lessons, but you can't add students to the list. Make sure you have enough "slots" available for your class.

How to edit your class list

Edit choices:

  • Clear All Data
  • Clear Practice Hut Data
  • Reset Practice Hut
  • Clear Pretest Data
  • Clear Posttest Data
  • Delete Student
  • Edit Student


Use these options to clear all, or just some, of the data and allow the student to start over. Reset the practice hut to make all practice problems available again. Delete a student from the class list. Edit a student's information.

To clear, delete, or reset information, click the x icon to the right of the student ID under the data category you want to change.

To edit a student's information, click the pencil icon to the right of the student's ID under edit.


Edit Functions


Clear all Data

"Clear all data" allows the student to start over. all lessons, tests, and practice problems will appear as if they were just starting the lesson.

Clear Practice Hut Data

"Clear practice hut data" makes all of the practice problems available again, and clears all data from previous attempts.

Reset Practice Hut

"Reset practice hut" makes all practice problems available again without clearing the data from previous attempts.

Clear Pretest Data

"Clear pretest data" clears all information related to the pretest, and makes the pretest avaialable again.

Clear Posttest Data

"Clear posttest data" clears all information form previous posttest attempts and makes the posttest available again.

Delete Student

"Delete student" removes all student data, including ID, from the system.

Edit Student

"Edit student" allows you to edit student information and choose pedagogy.


To Edit:


Click the pencil icon to the right of the student ID

The edit fields appear

Enter student's first name if you wish (this will make it easier for you to find the student data later)

Choose an available pedagogy form the drop down list (these are the pedagogies you chose before creating your student list)

Clcik Save Changes

Edit Student Fields





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